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Friday , 18 April 2014
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The contributions of Yayasan Sabah Group to the State of Sabah and its people are not limited to education and social development. In the commercial and industrial sectors, it is acknowledged as a pioneer, leader, innovator and facilitator of growth.

Innoprise Corporation Sdn. Bhd (ICSB) was incorporated in 1988 as the investment vehicle, the management and a holding company of Yayasan Sabah's group of companies. Its mission, "To Be The Investment Vehicle of Yayasan Sabah for a Better Future of Malaysians in Sabah" is a clear message of its steadfast commitment to fulfill its corporate objectives in supplementing and complementing the government's efforts to bring socio-economic and economic progress and prosperity for the people of Sabah.

To sustain its effective role as the main generator of funds for Yayasan Sabah, it has expanded its income generation base from traditional forestry and wood-based sectors to include other productive sectors. In lieu of this, it has diversified into businesses such as tourism and real estate.


1. Financial
To achieve long-term profitability and asset growth while maintaining a stable cashflow position.

2. Investment
To develop an investment portfolio that is diversified both vertically and horizontally, based principally on a strategic resource base of timber and land. This core objective is supplemented by investment in non-traditional business aimed at broadening the revenue base.

3. Operation
To achieve a high degree of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

4. Marketing
To achieve market growth and diversification in local and overseas markets for all of ICSB's products.

5. Human Resource
To achieve a high degree of efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism amongst its staff.

6. Research and Development
To be a leader in forestry and wood-based research and development.