Wednesday , 10 February 2016
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The success of the Group lies in its Corporate Social Responsibility. To ensure the perpetuity of the forest under its custody, the Group sets aside four conservation areas; worked closely with international bodies such as the Royal Society of United Kingdom to carry out research and development programmes; and carries out rehabilitation programmes of logged over forest with Face the Future of The Netherlands and IKEA of Sweden.

Locally, the Group works closely with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Forest Research Centre, Academy of Sciences Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah and other institutions.


Much applied research is carried out on natural resource management and conservation of protected areas, resource improvement and biotechnology as well as product development and utilisation.

The main areas include:

Plant Improvement and Seed Production (PISP) under the Research and Development, Luasong Forestry Centre was set up in 1987 to carry out research on silviculture and genetic improvement of high value timber trees and rattans, while supporting the Group's plantation programmes. These species includes Mahoganies (Khaya ivorensis and Swietenia macrophylla), Neolamarckia cadamba, Acacia spp. and Eucalyptus pellita. Seeds and seedlings from improved genetic stock of such species are also for sale.

Innoprise-Face Foundation Rainforest Rehabilitation Project (INFAPRO) was initiated in 1992 with the Face (Forests Absorbing Carbon Dioxide Emissions) Foundation of the Netherlands, (now known as Face the Future). Its objective is to sequester Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere through rehabilitation with native trees and fruit species. INFAPRO has been certified with the Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS) and Forest Stewardship Council Certifications. INFAPRO is the first VCS forest project in Asia.

Innoprise-IKEA Forest Rehabilitation Project (INIKEA), established in 1998 aims to speed up forest recovery and restore the biodiversity of degraded forests by the planting of native trees and fruit species. INIKEA’s high standards on workers and community rights, as well as its working conditions, have greatly impressed independent external auditors from the Rainforest Alliance (United States) when evaluating the project performance under the Smartwood Programme.

The project has also achieved another milestone when it was awarded with the IWAY Certificate by IKEA, a much sought-after certificate coveted by any IKEA partners for achieving high standards on issues related to environment, forestry and working conditions.

Taliwas Forestry and Recreation Area: Research focuses on medicinal and aromatic plants, high value and industrial plantation tree species.