Monday , 15 February 2016
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The Group's educational programmes supplement and complement the activities of the government to uplift the quality of education and educational facilities for Malaysians in Sabah.

The core of the education development programmes of the Group is to provide financial assistance in the form of study loans and scholarships at the secondary and tertiary level.

Scholarships for Secondary Education
The Group offers this scholarship to the needy students who obtained 5As in the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination to further their studies in the selected secondary schools in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Sabah State Scholarship Award of Excellence is offered to students from Sabah who obtained excellent results in the SPM examination. This award is an accolade of their success and to spur other students to achieve excellent results in their SPM examination.

Career and Counseling Programmes

The programmes are organised yearly through seminars, workshops and camps at various selected centres throughout the State. The target groups are students, teachers, parents and members of the public. Speakers from related agencies and higher educational institutions are invited to deliver talks, such as motivation, effective communication, decision making and choosing the right field of studies to the target groups.


The Group built hostels in various districts throughout the State for the rural students to be able to attend schools in the urban areas. This is slowly being phased out as rural infrastructures especially the road system improves and more schools are being built in the rural areas.

In order to provide accommodation for Sabah students who are pursuing their studies in the Middle East, the Group has also acquired buildings as hostels in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt.

Under the Sabah/Sarawak Exchange Programme, the Group offers scholarships to students from Sarawak to further their secondary studies at selected boarding schools in Sabah, while Yayasan Sarawak offers similar sponsorships to students from Sabah to further their secondary education in Sarawak. The Group also offers sponsorship for Hostel and Daily Scholarships to the needy students in various secondary schools in Sabah.

Higher Education in Malaysia and Overseas

Under these programmes, scholarships and study loans are offered to students based on their academic achievement to continue their tertiary education on selected fields of studies as determined from time to time based on the manpower needs of the State.