Monday , 8 February 2016
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The Group's Social Development Programmes goal is to invest in research and development activities designed to unlock the potential of skilled people for the future development of the State. Sabah is developing rapidly and, as such, the people need to be skillful, knowledgeable, and resourceful to meet the challenging needs of development and globalisation. The broad spectrum of programmes offered by the Group shares a common goal in ensuring a balanced human capital development, particularly in the fields of education, skills training, entrepreneurship development, women development and socio-cultural development.

Intellectual and Mind Development

Intellectual and Mind Development is part of the Group's core social activities. It is channelled through three development levels starting from kindergarten and primary school to secondary and tertiary education, and life-long education.

The Child Development Division functions as a 'mentor’ providing expert consultancy and resources for pre-school education. The division operates play schools and kindergartens, conducts child development training and research programmes, and provides tutorials for primary school students.

The division also mentors rural preschools throughout Sabah, some of which are village-owned by providing them curriculum materials, teaching aids and training for the teachers.

The Zone offices conduct non formal education in the form of educational talks for students, as well as organise short courses, motivational seminars, skills training and awareness programmes for diversified groups that include youths, parents, women and small entrepreneurs.

Though the Group is not directly involved in formal education per se, its contribution can be seen through direct assistance to students such as provision of hostel, scholarship and study loans.

Socio-Economic Development

The Socio-Economic Development programmes aim at bringing changes to an individual from being in a state of dependency to self-reliance.

Programmes conducted by the Zone offices together with other government agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations include activities related to agriculture, fisheries, handicraft, homestay, branding and packaging of homemade products.

These programmes are designed to help the people gain value-added experience to secure job placement as well as the ability to create self-employment thus able to generate economic growth.

Socio-Cultural Development

The Socio-Cultural Development programmes help to shape a person's way of thinking, moral values and self-esteem. In the broader context, such efforts help contribute towards attainment of Vision 2020, not just in the physical and economic sense, but also in the spiritual and psychological aspects.

Programmes conducted include gotong royong, sports carnival, breaking of fast during the month of Ramadhan, blood donation drive, seminar, as well as various types of religious activities. These help foster religious, tolerance and a caring society.

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